Monday, September 6, 2010

What really matters and it's not "ana"~ WARNING Uncontrollable laughter may erupt!

Hopefully you are cracking up by now. I know I am! Top photo is so precious of Jack the other day. I was taking him to work with me and he spotted a tiny little grasshopper he picked up. It reminds me if stopping to smell the roses and enjoy the simple things. Jack constantly reminds me of this. The 2nd photo is of the boys and their friend after a long day of swimming at a friends' barbecue. I told them to make a silly face. So cute. The following two are of yours truly. I was cracking up at my hairdo when I woke this morning and when I went to make my coffee decided to goof off myself. Life really is too short and there's enough stress with craziness all around us and unecessary drama. We only get one life. I think it helps to let our hair down and just be ourself. I love the ones of the kids with the pinata just being kids and enjoying a good birthday party. My boys enjoy simple walks to the park or pool. They enjoy bug hunts and legos and just being kids. What's great about being a parent is I get to join them. Even if you aren't a parent you can find simple thngs to do to have fun and let your hair down~
It's sometimes a daily struggle to really just focus on the little, simple things that mean so much. I know with "ana" I was insecure and would have never posted such freakish, silly face shots but it's fun and who cares. If someone needs to judge me, then what a waste of their time and how insecure they must be. I choose to be my boys' mom and when I feel in the mood to just goof off, I will. Life is serious enough with being a single parent, going through unecessary court drama, and having to work and juggle. I need to be able to enjoy life daily regardless and find the good in the simple things. I hope you all will join me~


  1. oh how much i adored this post, it made me smile :)
    i am so glad to hear you are embracing life so much right now and yup, goofing off in front of a camera is always fun!


  2. You made such a great point, that sometimes it's hard to focus on the little, silly things that mean so much. Thank you for reminding me of this! :)

    take care

  3. Hi honey =)
    I´ve just started reading your blog just a few days ago, but i read it almoust all.
    You really inspire me to recover, you have so much strenth.
    The hardest for me is i have to lose weight instead of gaining(i have anorexia and bulimia) and it sooo hard for me not to stop eating in order to do that.
    You´r doing great, keep the good word going!