Friday, September 17, 2010

Recovery in my blood!

These were taken last year! It's that time again and one of my favorite times of year. My boys go to the Pumpkin patch faithfully every year and love the pumpkins, popcorn, and bounce houses with slides!
The past few days have been filled with...... CALORIES! I feel like I am at Reasons and overstuffed. I try and eat every 2 hours and if I am still full I make every effort to drink an ensure or eat a piece of fruit. I had been at roughly 2000 a day and increased slightly above. Then yesterday a very special someone called me from out of the country and left such an inspiring message on my cell. She didn't have to do this but she did and encourged me in my recovery and to keep eating and to not slack off. I was in tears hearing the message because I truly felt her care and concern. So yesterday I was above 3000. My goal is 3600 in order to gain. Don't freak for those gaining. It's normal for it and after you reach your goal you can go back down some, but not where you were!
Today has been a little harder to reach the 3000 but I will be up a bit more. Had a great day with my youngest son taking him for a walk with his scooter and playing preschool board games with him as well as just cuddling with him. It's been hard still to keep up the eating since it's not a normal amount of food but I will drink the calories if need be as I have stuff to make shakes.
I am trying hard to gain while getting through a tough situation. It's a daily commitment just like separating myself from anothers insanity and choosing to live my life focused on the needs of my boys and their happiness as well as caring for myself.
No one said recovery would be easy but it's totally doable and so freeing in the end if we stick it out. I plan to. Come join me~

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