Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Simply doing ok!

These were taken Easter Sunday! Top photos of my gorgeous nieces with myself and the boys. Looking healthier!
After 8 months of being unemployed I got a job at a private foster agency. It's just 20 hours but it's supervising visitations with bio families, which I did for 9 years previous and love! This week was getting oriented with new staff and shadowing a few visits I will have on my caseload. Next week I will be out in the field doing visits, get recertified in CPR/First aide, and do orientation at the office in a few weeks. So good to be back in the land of the employed!
The boys are doing well. Seth is excelling in school and Jack is learning his letters and following his brother everywhere. I love them so much!
Recovery is going well. Trying to focus on all that I have and am thankful for. Mike and I are doing well and I am so grateful for all of his support. Praying I eventually increase to 30 hours and can do more with the boys in way of sports and extra activities. It will take a few months to get back on my feet again but am grateful for all the support I have as I have huge family and friend support as well as you all!!!!!!