Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Miracle #2 Jack Hayden Gomer


Such a cutie! Looking back at these pictures brings back such fond memories. I spent my pregnancy alone as his father wanted nothing to do with him (long story) and I wanted nothing to do with his father. I didn't mind. Seth went to most of my dr appointments as I was a single mother and he enjoyed hearing the heartbeat and seeing the sonogram!

On Novemver 29, 2006 Jack Hayden was born. He was named after my step dad and Seth. He weighed 9 7 1/2lbs and was 20 3/4 inches long. In other words a huge baby! My mother was there through it all and when he had trouble breathing she followed the doctors to the nicu and brought him back to me! That was so hard. Having your child taken to the nicu for breathing problems and left crying and praying profusely all was ok. My step dad stayed with me while we anxiously waited for my mom and little Jack's return. He only spent an hour there. Long enough to get an i.v and back on track.

Jack had no problem breast feeding and since I was a pro we worked well together!

Due to the custody battle when his father finally entered his life at 9 months and his girlfriend at the time found out he had a son, which he hid from her, I ended up nursing Jack until past the age of 2 because of the transitions etc with visitation.

Due to my weight dropping rapidly back in February of this year it was therapist who gave me a week to wean him for my own health. He did so well with it after the initial shock of it.

I was sick worse the first 6 months with vomiting and nausea but got a break the final 3 months. Jack was huge and put more pain on my lower back so I did leave work early as I did some major waddling!

The photo above was taken a week before I had him on Seth's birthday. I loved my big belly! I was 154 when I delivered. Just a pound less than with Seth though Jack was near 2 pounds heavier than Seth!
I am very fortunate Jack was an incredibly easy baby like Seth was! He has always been extremely cuddly and affectionate and continues to be.

It's hard to believe come November Jack will be 3 and Seth 7. I adore my boys and love that they have each other! More photos to come of them together!

the photo below somehow got put on the bottom. I am still learning this blogging business. lol It was taken of Jack's first day at my home church in Redlands!

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