Sunday, September 13, 2009

Honda vs 18 wheeler March 25, 2008 guess who lost? lol

ok the pictures are in reverse order. My twin brother and I on our birthday (4-12-08) is the first shot then close friends Angela, Alex expecting! Then Palm springs with my mother who flew down to help me right after the accident.
On March 25th just about two miles into driving home from supervising a visit in Lake Elsinore the accident happened.
I was in the slow lane and saw a black bedliner from a truck fly into my lane. I quickly glanced left to get over but cars were going too fast so I slowed to get around and before I knew it the trucker smacked right into me. I don't remember getting to the side of the road or if I was pushed into the bedliner. I kept my body still as I tried to reach blindly for my cell. I called 911 and then my mother~ Before I knew it a fireman was at my door telling me to stay still, then ambulance. I had been through first aid training and knew to stay still. My head hurt like nothing I had ever felt. Apparently I whiplashed so bad my seat gave out a few notches but my seat belt locked me in leaving a brusie on my arm.
It took 4 very cute men to get me out of my car and into the ambulance. I would have loved to take the single guy in the ambulance home but no luck there. damn. The er was aweful. Once they had me checked for paralysis they stuck me upright in a wheel chair in the waiting room for 5 hours with no meds! They finally took very painful ex rays and gave mild meds as I was still nursing Jack and refused heavy meds.
I slept two hours that first night and could not move my head to even turn over to my side while sleeping because of the pain. The next day I was a bit stiff and it hadn't fully set in. The er nurse warned me it would get worse as each day passed the first few days after and she wasn't kidding.
The next day my step mom drove me to the tow yard to clear out my car where I took the above photos. The window I knew shattered right away when I was hit and everything in the trunk including Jack's stroller was smashed. They could not turn the car on as the engine was dead. Thankfully the Honda did what it was built to do which is fold into itself like an accordion. Regardless I took a hit pretty hard and the whiplash was worse because my 5'8 113 lb body at the time took the hit of an 18 wheeler full force as he was going about 60 as I had slowed to maybe 45.
Two days later my sister took me to my regular md who gave me a neck brace which I wore about a month. The brace really helped because my head felt like it weighed a ton minus the fact I have a big head anyway! lol
My mom came and took the boys and I to Palm Springs to relax. During this time the custody battle was getting worse.
I ended up missing 3 months of work then went back at 15 hours for a few weeks. I was then released to 30 hours only to have work cut backs and get cut to 15. I lost my apartment and the custody battle got even worse!
I did go to a chiropractor and physical therapy. I also went to several doctor appointments but the pain was always there.
I write about this because I feel the stress and bills from all this contributed to my relapse. I am currently under a mound of stress from it all and currently in severe back and neck pain again as well as bad eyesight and numbing in my left arm and shoulder.
I don't think my body will ever be the same~

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