Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Miracle #1 Seth Hayden Gomer

OMG love his sunglasses! He was such an adorable little guy from the moment I saw him with his cute dimples and red fuzz on his head! I was 9 months pregnant in the above shot as it was taken November 22, 2002 the day my little miracle was born.
As I said in a previous blog that I ate and took care of myself my entire pregnancy from the moment I took the first test! I was at least 20 pounds or more underweight when I found out I would be a mommy. Two weeks after taking the test the daily nightmare of vomiting and nausea took hold and didn't leave until the day he was born, except during our 5 day honeymoon cruise when I was 5 months along! Go figure! I was so miserable but I loved hearing his heartbeat every month and would tear up at the little kicks and moving around. I could still remember the feeling! He was active mostly at night! Still is.
I was induced 8 days before he was due and labor was hell! It was the worst physical pain I had ever felt. Thankfully my mom was there. Awesome coach if anyone needs one. haha
Seth was a healthy 7lbs 10 oz 20 inches long. He looked incredibly tiny and was such an easy baby from the start. I nursed him 21 months and he rarely ever fussed!
Some ask about insecureties of weight gain. To be honest I got to 155 with Seth and was ok with it because it was no longer about me. I didn't care for my growing thighs and butt but the boobs were my bonus for that! always a trade off! lol
I love being a mom and love my boys dearly. From the moment Seth was born I have worn my heart on my sleeve~
The picture with the Grandma is dear to me because she was dying and able to meet Seth when he was 3 weeks old. We spent our first Christmas with her and my mom as we thought she wouldn't even make us coming. She lived 2 years after this picture was taken! The picture with the Rocking Chair is the same chair my mom rocked my twin brother and I in! I have it in my living room!
I miss the infant days of holding Seth and staring at him for hours. The time goes by too fast but I have to say I truly savored the moments~

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