Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Disneyland 9-07-09~

So I take Seth and some friends to Disneyland and we ended up being there 14 hours! Normally I go for a few hours as I am not supposed to exercise but the kids had so much fun and yes, I did too. Due to a bad car accident I was on last year where a big rig totaled my car on the freeway, my back and neck don't fair well with too much walking and rides! Needless to say, it's hurts to move today! argh
Yes I ate though didn't document it all like I am supposed to. At Reasons that would be referred to as intuitive which no way am I close to being on. But who wants to keep a food journal at Disneyland!?
So like most anorexics I was picking apart these photos before I got home. I was insecure about a few because I thought I looked big or bigger than I want to be. I was hesitant to post but then thought " that's ana talking and to get through one has to push through by stepping outside the box". Of course that doesn't mean stepping outside the box into insanity! Somedays being in the box is insane when you are in the anorexic dungeon.
For anyone who has been to the "happiest place on earth" you will know there are all walks of life there. People who need the fashion police called on them, people who wear long sleeves and jeans in 100 degree weather, and people of all shapes and sizes. It's quite interesting to say the least. I saw an adult dressed up in a kid princess costume! ok so I know hats are cool there and inner children run and play there but can we say "issues" with that one!? and what is up with people wearing plaids and stripes and thinking they look good? yikes. Not to say I dress wonderfully but some people need their eyes checked when it comes to matching. Maybe it's a disconnect in the brain because I know being anorexic I see fat that I am told is not there! Go figure.
While taking a picture with Mickey ,above,there was lady and her husband in line before us. She was maybe in her 40's and solid, maybe a few pounds overweight but nothing much. I noticed while taking a picture with Mickey she put her hand over her thigh so it wouldn't show. just made me sad because she was pretty and had a nice tan and a nice body and was insecure for the photo just like I am! Though I have to admit I am pretty photo genic but hate certain features that I won't mention because you may go back and zone in on them!
Well I better get going. I had a very sore morning from yesterday and a little trouble with eating but conquered breakfast. Time to get my tire fixed and run a few errands while my kids are gone! and yay I get to see Dr. Waraich today. Makes for long weeks when reduced to once a week if funds allow for it!
oh and did I mention little Jack got to call me today! He's been gone two days and won't be back until tomorrow. His step mom let him call! yay.
ok time to go or I will keep rambling!

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  1. You are looking so healthy!

    I was surprised to find you as my newest follower. I browsed your blog earlier today, before you posted.

    Thank you for extending a hand for support though, it really means a lot. When I fell upon "medusa" I realized how careful i need to be. I've experienced extreme starving, to extreme binges, purging, laxatives. I'm trying to change my attitude toward food, but it is difficult at times, as I'm sure you know.

    I hope to be able to get to know you