Saturday, January 8, 2011

I hope "Ana" likes Chicken Enchilladas!!!!!

ok so I am having a "fat" day today. I really struggled when I took what was supposed to be a relaxing bath but was invaded by "ana" who invited herself. Sigh.

Thoughts of dieting, restricting, diet pills floated about. I did start to restrict but decided despite it all I need to push through. I am still struggling and hate what I see right now but I have to tell myself this too shall pass and is temporary. The reason I know it's temporary is because it's happened so many times before. And prime example is a dvd I watched today of my boys and I Christmas morning this past year. Taken just two weeks ago and even I thought I still looked on the thin side even at a healthier weight than I was a few months back.

So tonight I hope (ok I don't really give a shit if she does or doesn't) "Ana" like chicken enchilladas with spanish rice and green beans because that's what's cooking as I write this and what I will be having for dinner tonight!


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