Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clarifying anorexic set back!

After receiving a harsh comment from someone I feel very close to on my entry right before this one I feel need to clarify a few things.
Anyone who has ever truly battled this DISEASE would know this. And the longer the battle, the longer the recovery PROCESS!
Truthfully I feel I am on this pedestal because for a while I was "plowing" through recovery despite my world around me completely crashing down on me. Everyone has a breaking point and I, too, am human. I don't discount all the good. I appreciate so much having my kids, Mike, my family, friends, and support. I am extremely humble and don't take anything for granted.
I am merely struggling at this moment in time and expressing what it is to go through this while still VERY MUCH wanting FULL RECOVERY!
I am not abandoning RECOVERY. I am struggling with seeing "pseudo" fat and feeling sick about myself with where I am at in life with no job while being a single mom. It is what it is at the moment and I WILL get through it somehow, some way. I WILL beat this. I am merely struggling at the moment...


  1. its so clear from readng any of your posts how much you want recovery-and you wouldnt be trying to find your wat through if you didnt.
    people have sad to me that if it took years to get sck, then you cant really be expected to get better in months, with no hiccups along the way.
    go girl:)you can do this:)
    vic x

  2. Awe, I'm sorry you were misunderstood. I think it is very brave of you to share everything so honestly -- yours ups AND your downs. Even if someone in the midst of the disease resists recovery, I still don't believe it is a personal failure on their part. It's the sickness being too strong. You fight on girl. You're doing amazing! *hugs*

  3. Now that's the fighting girl I love.

    Recovery WILL be yours, Brande. No doubt about it.

    Love you,