Sunday, December 5, 2010

Extra ass and boobage!

Just a few photos from way back before the court crap started and happier days.
I am learning to handle the nightmare of court and nightmare of my ex who will stop at nothing until he destroys me, in his eyes. He is that much of a monster and I am putting it mildly. He is completely obsessed with me.

Anyhow I went to a bacehlorette party the other night with safe people who are close friends of mine. I am in a wedding in a few weeks and we had such a fun time. I hadn't seen these ladies in a few weeks and just putting on 10 pounds was noticeable to them. I wore tight jeans with boots and a nice top. Two of the gals grabbed my ass and said "nice ass, you finally have one, yay." They then noticed a little more "boobage" hehe. I embraced this completely. For the first time I was excited about it. I was then told I had been looking horrible when my weight got close to 100 again and that I was skeletal. I didn't see it obviously nor do I have a correct image just yet now. But I am getting there and trying to embrace it all as part of recovery.


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  1. YOUR KIDS ARE ADORABLE. I'm 22 and still waiting for my boob package to come... I am starting to wonder if they ever will hahaha. I'm glad you're embracing recovery!

    btw- could you email me your email so I can send you an invite to read my blog ( i made it private ) . I'd like to keep in contact :)