Sunday, December 19, 2010

Need Tunnel vision for such a Treacherous road~

No rhyme or reason to ths photo taken tonight other than I was practicing a hair style for a wedding I will be in New Year's day!

I have been thinking lately about this treacherous road of recovery. I have had a few ups and downs the past few days seeing my stomach protrude in time for a soon to be period and with all the food consumption to finish weight gain. I have also noticed my jeans are a bit tighter. It has not been easy to embrace, and at times "ana" SCREAMS to lose and exercise, but RECOVERY is in my tunnel vision! Eventully the weight will even out and the stomach will go down somewhat. It's not normal to have a concave stomach so I have to remind myself a little "pooch" at any given time is what women have and what makes us curvy and pretty. The best part thus far, I have to say, is my boobs are finally coming back. hehehe

It's not just about looks but about feeling better all around physically. I have enough stress with court crap, juggling work, and being a single mom of two gorgeous little boys. There's no room for "ana".



  1. I have been LOVING your posts since strong!

    Even through all the court days!

    Whoo to the Hoo!


  2. go you! you have really been making recovery happen for you, and im very happy to see how well you have been doing even though i can imagine how hard it must be to deal with all the stress yet you are taking your life back, and making your vision of who you mean to be come true and i admire you.

    Be Well