Monday, October 26, 2009

Starch Protein with one condiment! shaoooo

OK so I have a sense of humor and well I just couldn't resist! This I wear for Dr. Waraich, Lisa, Reasons, Medusa, and all my Ed peeps who can have a sense of humor in the midst of such turmoil and pain of suffering from Ed!
Reasons was all about exchanges and how all foods fit! We didn't focus on calories though we all know what experts we are when it comes to calorie counting! We don't need labels by the time we are faced with being in patient!
It's such a draining and miserable disease to say the least and battling 20 years seems surreal at times. I still battle near daily but here's my little way of telling Ed to BITE ME! hahahahaha
p.s yes I shall be trick or treating with both my boys dressed up! My oldest son will be super mario! Photos to come!


  1. awsome costume!:) thanks for your kind words.
    i just feel like Ed is winning the power struggle. I finally manage to admit how bad things were today at a review with my care coordinator(who never met me before!)and they told me i was just attention seeking, and to get over myself. Ive been batytling this for coming on 13 years.and they know nothing about me!so now i feel like i cant talk to confused.sorry

    im real glad you managed to see your therapist again!:) thats really good news.
    i hope your as ok as can be, and i LOVE the sense of humour!
    vic x

  2. OMG! That is the best costume ever, Brandee! Brilliant! I knew you were looking for a hotdog costume and can't believe you found one. And your little guy is adorable as Mustard.

    LOL re telling ED to bite you! You truly have an awesome sense of humour, which I'm sure has served you well during rough times.

    Have the best time on Hallowe'en. Just be careful that no one tries to take a bite out of your bun.

    PS Thanks so much for the shout-out. I really appreciate it.