Friday, October 23, 2009

Numb Recovery :(

Just a few shots from Disneyland Thursday. I took just Jack as I have done the same for Seth and Seth refuses coasters but Jack didn't! He took two of his little pumpkins on every ride and to every character! so adorable. Had a blast and plan to take both boys tomorrow for the Halloween decor!
I have been very distant from recovery. Could be that I had been pretty sick with fever, cough, and body aches for a full week or could also be part depression. I just haven't been eating much. No appetite at all and nothing looks good. I have been a little more active which helps the depression but it's been a struggle. The other thing that's so hard is I don't have the funds to see my therapist even weekly. I have partially shut down. I can't see my dietician either. I am selling stuff on ebay to have appointments here and there but also to raise money for the boys birthdays and Christmas.
Recovery is very difficult when one does have a huge support system and funds to keep up with therapy. I have it in me. Just praying for a job and strength to get through the tough spot.


  1. hey
    thanks for your lovely comment:)was really nice, and it helps to know there are other people pushing the whole recovery thing.
    I really hope that you get through your tough patch, its such a shame you arnt able to see people at the mo so much, but stay strong girl, kick ED to the Kerb, and one day he will stay there:)
    you take care
    vic x

  2. Thinking of you and hoping you're feeling better.

    Stay strong...