Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little glitchs~

The tree ones were taken yesterday and last photo a few days ago as I dyed me hair lighter but you can't really tell!
I have been distant here lately though managing ok.
Yesterday I put those jeans on and they were tighter than I normally wear. I hated my ass in them and still do. I think it's way huge as well as my arms look big in the photo. I wore them anyway! Made myself~
I got to thinking about being comfortable in my "genes" instead of my "jeans". I tried to relax, even ate a lot of cookies and chicken! I enjoyed visiting friends and soon was ok and felt good about just being me.
I challenge you all to stop and think about what really matters and give yourself a day of trying to relax and be in the moment without ED!


  1. brande...i'm so proud of you for wearing them anyways!!!!! always a triumph <3

  2. You are awsome!:)
    and very right, thanks for kind comment, your right, it is Ed and and not me!
    And im going to give your challenge a bash today:)
    you look lovely in ur pics, i hope your doing ok
    take lots of care!
    vic :) x