Friday, March 4, 2011

Ran over the scale with my car! Just a few times!!!

Just a few photos from a mini family reunion when my mom was down again this past weekend. Love my boys and just spending down time with them.

Of course you all notice the scale. Yep, I slipped and bought one a few weeks ago and freaked when it read 120. I managed to lose 6 lbs according to that same scale then through therapy, and well some scolding, I stopped for 5 days of weighing before I hammered the scale and ran over it a few times with my car.

Now, isn't it amazing the scale is still standing? It no longer works of course but is still in tact!!!!! I got to thinking of how "ana" stays in tact for so long despite how hard we may be working in recovery to hammer "her" or run over "her". It takes so much patience with ourselves and gentle yet firmness in our recovery to keep running "her" over and keeping "her" down and out with the garbage just like the scale will be tomorrow.

Today I grabbed a blueberry muffin and small mocha frapp on my way to staff meeting. I NEVER usually eat breakfast. Then after therapy I ate a cheeseburger and was going to have chips but wanted another. I thought a few moments and "ana" tantrumed and screamed at me but then I told "her" it wouldn't make me fat and to shut the fuck up!!!!! Daily commitment. Sometimes moment to moment commitment!



  1. i'd be half inclined to put that useless thing back in my room... see those words every day on that worthless piece of junk.

  2. congrats brandee on such a great move! :)

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  4. This made my morning!! Way to go Brandee :]

  5. That's one of the best looking scales I have ever seen.

  6. This is GENIUS. I really need to do that with mine. By the way I really like your blog. I just found it and have enjoyed reading your posts about your struggles with this stupid thing because I relate to you with so many different things. Anyways just thought I'd let you know that I appreciate your blog, and hoping for the best for you in your continued recovery. <3