Thursday, February 24, 2011

Minor set back~

You'd never guess how much I have been struggling when looking at this photo taken last night. It's been a rough few days and I kept it to myself until my therapist asked all the wrong (ok right) questions yesterday. I did't want her to know about the restricting or the scale or my thoughts about it all but for some reason she sensed it all and asked without my saying a word. I don't lie when she asks questions but sometimes have gotten sick of it all and will keep to myself from time to time, especially when feeling such shame. She really helped me with this yesterday and I hope to be more open when I see her tomorrow.

Recovery is such a struggle especially when facing other such big challenges as I currently am. I will get back on track and be ok. I am only letting you all know so that you don't hide from it and can be open as well.

So despite some deep struggles this week, I am still able to have fun as shown here and push forward.



  1. And that is a fricken adorable picture. I love what a goof you are, makes me laugh.

    Your honesty is a huge asset of yours, at least you can tell the truth if pressed (it's really really hard to just volunteer it). It took more than a few days to get you to the place you were in, it certainly takes more than a few to get you back there. Little set backs are just that, little. Remember, keep your eyes forward, even when you stumble a bit, you'll keep moving in the right direction.

  2. Brande, we all fall off track in life sometimes. We are human and that's just how life is..You just pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Then it's time to get back on recovery road and take little steps forward each day. then one day we finally do it..reach our destination..freedom and peace from ya girl!

  3. Thanks for being vulnerable. I want to hear about it all -the good AND the bad. It makes you more relate-able because I'm not perfect either.

    I think the key is SURRENDER.
    Surrender your imperfect self to Christ, because in Him we are perfect.
    Blessings, babe!

  4. I just wanted to say i think you are a cutie pie, and this picture is adorable. I think it shows your youthful fun spirit, and that is all I see. I wish you could see the same as me cuz you'd be smiling.