Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outwitting "ana"!

My pseudo daughter Yasmine and I from just a few days ago at her house! We share the same therapist and were in treatment together and thought we would have a little fun with these photos. We did eat together and had a nice time with her sister, mom, and father. It was nice just being around people who truly understand the ana fight. It was nice to be able to be myself in good company and not hide fears and upsets regarding current struggles.

I struggle at times with my body in it's current stage but trying to hold on to this weight. For now I am out of any danger zone and maintaining where I am while I deal with some heavy stuff in therapy regarding the chaos of this custody battle, 730 evaluation, and my own thoughts on "ana" which can be draining at times. I have been quite raw lately and feel so exposed with my therapy records still with the judge and such personal invasion of my privacy.

I am trying to learn to just live in the moment with everything and take time for me in little moments between work, the kids, court, and responsibilities. It helps keep me from obsessing over ana. I challenge you all to do the same to take the focus off ana!!!!!



  1. You have no clue how jealous i am to see these pics! Looks like you two are having such a fun time supporting each other. i wish i was closer! :) Love you so much, and i'm very proud of the hamburgers and ice cream! xoxoxoxo, keep fighting!


  2. Love this post :) Love seeing the yummy food and you smiling and the kids having fun. I know you still have bad days and you should still feel free to talk about those days when you have them but bottom line is you are doing awesome girlie! You are looking healthy and beautiful (you were always beautiful but even more so with the vibrancy and joy in your smile)