Thursday, November 25, 2010

Making the most of it~

This year both my boys are away for Thanksgiving and my family is together in Washington as I was unable to afford time off due to continual court drama. I had a few offers but decided I needed to be alone this year. I added a few photos to the table of my boys and enjoyed a quite time eating and reflecting.

This made me realize how difficult recovery is and how we need to make the most of each day of recovery and push through the trials. I could have restricted and pouted but didn't. I was in a tears a few times but it was because Jack was allowed to actually call me and I know he is okay as this is the longest he has ever been away from me, ever. I also got a call from my mom and she passed the phone around. I then got a call from someone very special to me and cried with all the calls. I feel so loved and grateful.

Sometimes it's the simple things. Now off to take a hot bath, do some beading, and enjoy some pumpkin pie with whipped cream before a midnight turkey sandwich. hehe



  1. Hey! I just started to follow your blog. I think it's amazing that you had a great day when things get hard a lot. I'm happy to see that you, your boys and your family are doing well.!


  2. I have been following your blog for a little over a year, and I must say you are inspiring.
    Also, God bless you.