Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One of Ana's worst fears~ A BIKINI!!!!!!

I just took these tonight. I have been struggling some with food intake merely because I am not hungry or am rarely ever hungry. Being sick for 2 weeks didn't help.
I can point to fat and flaws but I will refrain from glorifying ana.
I am aiming for a real bikini body. Part of me can't imagine adding weight to this then another part says "well I could use some more up top (lmao) and I can see ribs somewhat." So why not a few more pounds? Why not a little curvier?
Many people with Ed's often focus on flaws and any hint of anything other than pure bone!!!! For me, skin was fat. I hate the stomach area but with women we have a stomach. It's very normal and to try and get rid of that one area means extreme emaciation and possible death to get there.
I have worn a bikini in front of Mike and another couple we hang out with. This weekend we will be with a few more people in the jacuzzi. It's a bit challenging for me but having fun with drinks, good friends, and junk food (that this former ana girl will be bringing :-)), far outweighs any challenges ana may try to bring. In other words the bitch is out and I am in!
So I bare me. Plain and simple me. Enjoying fun times. Living life. Eating and drinking what I want. Wearing my bikini around others and not focusing on anything other than a good time!
I challenge you all to do the same~
Brandee (fb Brande Gomer)


  1. AAAAHHH!!!!! YOU LOOK PHENOMENAL!!!!!!! YOU LOOK SOO GOOD!!!!!! wow girl seriously you look hot healthy and just freaking spectacular im so proud of you and inspired by seeing you at this point. Ill get there too and Ill let everyone see my pics after i get there cant wait!!!

    again wow so awesome so beautiful so healthy so amazing yaaaaaaaaaay!

  2. you have a beautiful body, I really mean it!!

    take care!!!