Monday, June 27, 2011

Exposing "ana"~

These were all taken just a few days ago at my friend's apartment. I love Tiffany dearly and thrilled to have found her after so many years! Excuse my ghostly whiteness in the photos. I have to say after several hours at the pool I am no longer white. hehehe I am thrilled my 4 year old was swimming to me several times and did so well! God I love my boys! My 8 year old does flips now!

I certainly have a few more pounds to gain for a healthier me. I was a little insecure here but decided not to invite "ana" to the pool and instead we enjoyed Carl's jr as well as plenty of snacks all day! "ana" screams when I say I see thinness in these photos but it's something I am dealing with and exposing.

With so much insanity with the custody battle and trial looming I hurt a lot inside but am staying focused on what matters and that is my boys and my health. If I can get through all this as well as recover from such a deadly disease then I should be able to overcome just about anything! Knock on wood!

Recovery sucks sometimes and eating is hard, merely because I don't have an appetite. The heat doesn't help either but I try to drink the calories instead!

30 day challenge didn't work well for me with so much going on but doesn't mean I am not eating! Just means I am not writing it all down at the moment! But I certainly eat better and enjoy it once in a while! Baby steps but definitely feel I am on this road to stay this time~


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  1. you look so happy, brande! i'm glad you had such a good time and are kicking ana's ass!