Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hey everyone. I know it's been a while since I have blogged and I miss it terribly. There's been some pretty shitty things happening with some pretty shitty people.
I will be moving my blog. Those interested to keep following please send me your email address and I will verify you through being a follower.
This blog has always been to show the depths of recovery and this disease of anorexia. I did this blog for the purpose of helping others through their own recovery and to encourage those not sure of being ready to let go of the grips of their eating disorder. I am sad to say someone I know has made this something negative and out to destroy me and my kids.
Be careful who you trust because there are so many angry and bitter people out there in their own turmoil who look to trash and abuse others because they fear looking at their own pain and anguish to get better in their own life.
Recovery is possible and attainable though a long road. Suround yourselves with as much support as you can and stop thinking you can do it on your own. I am in the same boat right now.
On a good note I love my new job and praying for an increase in hours. I attend church regularly with Mike. We have been together 5 months now and doing well. I am so grateful for his support through so much stress with a nightmare I am dealing with. He has never wavered and continues to be by my side and encourge me. (Thanks, Love). The boys are doing well. I love them with everything in me. I have enjoyed hearing about their church adventures, taking them to water parks, on outings, and hoping to return to Disneyland soon (we have passes :). Seth is doing well in school with academics and will be starting 3rd grade this year! I couldn't be prouder. Jack is learning his letters, counting well, and loves to go on bug walks with me. He is so smart. The love you have for your children can be overwhelming in such a good way.
((Hugs)) to you all!


  1. I'm so sorry that you are feeling the need to move blog.
    But am glad that other things seem to be working out in life for you.

    I don't know how to e mail you but would love to follow your new blog. Please let me know how.

    Thanks. xx:)

  2. Hey everyone. Email me on Fb if you can (Brande Gomer). You can also email me at I will have to verify who you are etc as the person stalking may try to email etc.

  3. hey im so sorry you have to move your blog, i had to aswell because of a shitty person. and i know how it feels. is my email and id love to follow your new one! x

  4. i too am so sorry that this is happening. I will of course follow your new blog if you will have me. I hope whatever bitter person who is stalking you leaves you alone especially considering that you have only ever offered compassion, and an open heart here, how terrible that someone would compromise that. I hope you will be ok, and i hope justice comes to whoever is harassing you.

  5. I just sent you a facebook message about wanting to follow your new blog. (Just so you know the connections are legit/the same).