Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good Bye~

Photos: (my son ordered larvae through the mail and we had such a fun time watching them eat and go into "chrysalis as he says (so cute) and then become a beautiful butterfly to release) It so reminds me of Recovery and it's process.

It's been a while since I have blogged. I miss it and am sad to say this will be my last one.

Sadly due to my ex and the court situation it has been misused, misquoted, torn to shreds, and used against me in several court documents and proceedings.

I was not told to take this down by court or my wonderful attorney but came to this conclusion myself and after discussing it further with my therapist have decided to take a different route.

I will always be grateful for the comments, love, and support here.

I have to say that despite court and therapy and hospital records being released to my ex and such hate and disgust thrown at me, that I am eating quite well on a daily basis and continue to move forward on my journey of recovery. I pray things settle down in court for the sake of my children, myself, and so that I can focus even more in recovery instead of court trying to take me away from that focus.

I truly believe if you really want recovery, despite the fears and chaos of your eating disorder, that you can and will recover but you truly have to choose it and not wait for it to just happen. Your eating disorder will always make you believe you NEED it and there is no way you can get past it. That's simply not true~

It is not about whether I can or can't but rather I will and I do!
All the love and support for your journey~

((Big Squishy Hugs))


  1. I have read your entire blog and one thing that comes to mind is: get a life and stop pretending like you have this very serious disease-the fact that you claim you have anorexia is very offensive to those who actually struggle with it- what you have is an ATTENTION SEEKING disorder!!!! Get over yourself and get the treatment you need and be accountable for yourself. People like you within the community really do make me want to barf- no pun intended.

    1. Shutup! She has a life. She has two handsome sons and loving animals! I Have witnessed her going through these times. Me and my family will be there for her whenever she needs us. YOUR words make her stronger.

  2. Ha ha- comment visible after approval. . . that explains it, alright!!!

  3. I allowed your post so others can see true ignorance still exists and to be protective of oneself. Thanks for wasting your time and for being consumed with a blog you hate so much as it shows you are willing to give such power to someone you don't even know by expressing such stupidy and ignorance and hiding out as "anonymous".
    ((Hugs)) Brandee

  4. I am so sorry that a person would write something like that. I have known you for 25 years and know that you are being REAL! I am here for you if you need me. Alicia

  5. Thanks Alicia for always being so supportive. People like that are miserable themselves and try to drag others down for so many sick reasons. This person sounds pure evil and stupid. Not surprised.
    Me :-)

  6. Wow I am so sorry that a ignorant coward had to post something so full of hatred just to feel superior. Dear anonymous it appears that you are seeking attention- I apologize that you are such a douche bag.

  7. Brande, I am glad u let this "anonymous" spill "it's hatefulness. Maybe this person feels better about "itself" by putting others down. Regardless, all ED's are deadly and very difficult to recover from but we as a community can support each other on our sucesses and move forward in a healthy lifestyle. God's Blessing's, cheryl

  8. Bahaha loving the douchebag and "itself". It is a journey and this blog came a long way. IN the beginning I felt I had to post skeletal pictures to try and convince even myself I may have a problem. I wouldn't do that today but have left it all up because it's been a process. I have learned to that those who act pure evil as anonymous has and continues to do really aren't important to me, my recovery, what I stand for. I went from being a bit taken aback and a little upset to laughing about how ridiculous this "it" sounds.